Smartphones- Addiction or Technological Necessity

8 Sep

Within the last couple of years, smartphones have burst onto the global scene as the newest must-have device.  People around the world have become enamored with these devices that have the capabilities to do almost anything.  A few short years ago cell phones were used to for just calls and text messaging, and now they can be used for anything ranging from social networking to internet surfing and beyond.  Ian Bogost wrote an essay named “The Cigarette of This Century” where he notes that today’s society is so enamored and obsessed with the new smartphone technology that an addiction to using the phones has surfaced, much like the addiction to cigarettes America had when they were first introduced.  Bogost raises a very stimulating point in this essay, and I agree with his comparison.  When I walk anywhere in public I see people everywhere of all ages constantly looking, texing, or calling someone on a smartphone.  I can not say I blame all the people that like to use their smartphones constantly.  I have an Iphone 4 and I think it is an amazing device due to its incredible and unlimited capabilities, my ability to personalize it to my liking with backgrounds and numerous applications, and its reliability.  I believe that growth in popularity of social networking has facilitated the popularity of the smartphones as well.  Americans all over the country have shown their admiration for this new technology and inability to put it down, so can it be categorized as America’s new addiction?  Are smartphones something that people can not live without or are they a technology that people that do not possess are missing out on?  Whether or not Americans could function or not without smartphones remains to be a mystery, but we will most likely never find the answer to this question because within  a year or two I anticipate every American, even the senior citizen who doesn’t know how to send a text message to his grandchild, will have a smartphone.


Sad but typical


















The top image shows a real life situation of how people will check their phone first thing in the morning before communicating in any way with their partner, spouse, etc.  The graph shows all the numerous ways teens and adults use their smartphones.  Based on all the different ways people use their smartphones, chances are most people could not function smoothly on a daily basis without a smartphone.




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