John Rock, The Abolitionist

22 Oct

John Rock was born a free African American in 1825.  He was an abolitionist and civil rights leader.  He was a renowned public speaker and he came up with the phrase “black is beautiful”. He went to medical school and decided to transfer to dentistry.  He was accepted into the Massachusetts Medical Society and was only the second African American to do so. He set up his own practice of dentistry and medicine and many of his patience turned up to fugitive slaves.

As a great public speaker, he campaigned for public rights.  His speeches were printed in the Liberator and read everywhere.

He became ill and went to France for treatment and when he returned, he stopped his practice and started studying law. He opened up his own law office in Boston and campaigned more for the rights of African Americans.  He was the first attorney to be admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. He then became the first African American to be on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Like many of the great men and women that we have learned about the past week, John Rock helped to provide a way out for those who were not yet free. He helped others in need and tried to do everything is his power to make everyones lives equal.  He, just like the other men and women involved in the National Colored Convention, tried making a difference to better our society and they have each made an impact on the world that will be there forever.


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