The Life of Ebenezer Black-Reflection Narrative

24 Oct

Kaeli Hager

Mr. James Casey

English 110

24 October 2012


This research paper was something very new to many of the student in class.  I have never realized how difficult it is to try to know so much about a person that society knows none to little about.  All the people that we have been researching over the past week and a half have done so much for out society and should never be forgotten.

When I first began researching for this paper, I was having a hard time discovering any involvement he had with any organization and then I started to panic.  After asking for help and digging up as much information as possible, I realized that to find out what you wanted to find out about your person, you have to act like a detective.  I had to retrace Ebenezer Black’s steps and figure out who and what he was connected to so that I would be able to find out who he was and what he did.

I was able to find out more about his family and personal life that I was able to find about his involvement in the African American community.  However, the little information that I did find out about his involvement in organizations said that he was extremely involved in and helpful to those organizations and because of his wealth, he may have been a huge contributor to the organizations in order for them to stay running.

As I was writing, I had thought that my potential audience would be someone who was doing much research on the types of organizations that Ebenezer Black was involved in and how they effected the society back then.  I used formal language because this would be used for historical information and an adult would most likely be using it.

Although there were many difficulties when it came to finding out all the information that I needed for this paper, I found it extremely gratifying after being able to discover so much about someone that society knows so little to nothing about. This research paper was definitely difficult, but definitely worth it in the end.




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