3 Possible Research Paper Topics

27 Oct

1) The 1960’s – How historical events and political ties influenced American culture.

I’ve always been interested in the culture of the 1960’s – it was a time when most Americans started to become socially and politically active. The youth embraced liberal lifestyles and student activists became more radical. The Civil Rights movement, the Space Race, Anti-communism, and the Vietnam War were all a part of this decade. I would love to research more about this time period and understand if and how these monumental events changed the mindset of Americans. It would require historical research as well as many sources to comprehend the rapidly changing society of the 60’s.


2) Banksy: Should his controversial graffiti art be considered a violation of property or a valuable insight on politics, culture and ethics?

Banksy is an English graffiti artist, political activist, film director and painter who goes by a false identity. For years, his art has mysteriously showed up on many of the world’s streets, walls and bridges – giving off controversial dark humor. He is famous for using a stenciling technique in his painting, which sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars by art auctioneers. Each picture has a story or message behind it, making onlookers and observers intrigued by his opinions on society. However, his art has become a huge controversy among police and government officials, who label graffiti as vandalism, much to the contempt of Banksy’s supporters.

3) Can modern controversies be explained by the religion of Buddhism?

Abortion, war, sexism, and economic policies are just a some of the controversies that we face today. It seems interesting to find out how to conquer these problems through simplistic Buddhist views. In a world where most religions have rigid opinions and ideologies, I want to see if Buddhism offers a fresh perspective on solutions. Has the philosophy really helped its followers understand overcome consequences of social problems and find “peace within themselves?”


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