Potential Research Paper Topics

27 Oct

1. Bully Laws: Should the federal and state governments create and put in place laws to prevent bullying?

I would love to do a research paper about this because I am a true believe in anti-bullying.  Growing up being bullied, I know what it is like to feel unwanted and to have the bullies have no consequences for their actions. As a child, I took it upon myself to go see my principal and report the bullying.  In the end, it only made the situation worse for me because the bullies made it harder and worse for me.  If the government created anti-bullying laws, so many children and teenagers would find great relief in their lives and would know that they do not have to worry about seeing that person and being afraid of them making fun of them.  If there were laws in place when I was in elementary school, maybe I wouldn’t have hated it as much as I did.  Putting anti-buly laws into place would also help to teach children that being cruel to others is never the right solution and most children and teens wouldn’ be so harsh n others in return. 

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Stop the Bull – Bring Joy into the World

Posted: October 23, 2012 
By: Katrina Lowe, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Allison Waters AlbertAt just 14 years old, Georgia teen Allison Waters Albert has become an ambassador for anti-bullying within her community. Earning respect and admiration from peers for her willingness to share her own story, Allison has inspired several teens across her school district to take a stand against bullying. Through extensive work with 4-H, one of the largest youth development programs in the world, and numerous speaking engagements at area schools, Allison’s efforts have spearheaded the campaign for bullying prevention in her Georgia hometown.

Once a victim of bullying herself, Allison says she became involved with anti-bullying efforts through her 4-H membership. 4-H has been very committed to educating youth on all facets of bullying, helping to empower those who have suffered as victims and inspiring those who feel apathetic about bullying to become actively engaged. After attending several club meetings centered on bullying, Allison says she felt inspired to share her own story.

“Through research I discovered how bullying affects everyone. I knew that my story could reach more people if [it] became my 4-H project,” she said. “I wanted to change and help others at the same time.”

After receiving the go-ahead from her 4-H coordinator, Allison set off to complete her 4-H project on bullying prevention, later competing in 4-H’s Junior Project Achievement competition. Allison placed first among eighth graders within her district for her demonstration. Following her success in the competition, Allison became a frequent feature in area schools, speaking to countless youth about bullying and mentoring others to overcome the hurt of being bullied.

Ultimately, Allison desires to simply “help others and bring joy into the world.” Allison hasn’t slowed down her efforts and is currently busy at work on a bullying prevention video for a national competition and coordinating a “Stop the Bull!” project club to help both victims and participants of bullying.

2. Modern Technology: How has modern technology, such as IPhones, IPads, etc., helped to change our society today? Was it a negative change? 

People today depend so deeply on modern technology. Most people go crazy if they are without a cell phone for more then an hour.  In today’s world, cell phones are used for internet services, video recording, video chatting, and as cameras.  People rely on their phones for everything and that has also changed how people sleep and focus.  If people sleep and their cellphones are constantly going off next to them, they never get a goods night sleep.  Also, if someone is trying to work or study and their phone or IPad keeps going off, they never retain the amount of information that they needed to know in the first pace. Today’s electronics have caused many people around the world to depend on them so much, that they would not be able to function without them.

Cell Phone Effects on Society

By Chelsea Fitzgerald, eHow Contributor , last updated April 18, 2012
Cell Phone Effects on Society thumbnail

Cell Phone Effects on Society

Cell phones are very useful in today’s society. It is reassuring to know that when you are in your automobile and the car breaks down or you are in an accident or you left the grocery list at home, you’ll be able to reach someone to help. Everyone is so busy; it seems as though mobile phones are the only way to cope with the chaos. Cell phones definitely affect our society, sometimes negatively and sometimes positively.

  1. Availability

    • Knowing that you can reach your loved ones and friends by just the touch of a button is important. If you need someone in an emergency, it is great to know that you can reach her no matter where she is, whether she is hiking in a forest miles from home or sitting in a church service with her cell phone ready to vibrate if an emergency occurs.


    • Cell phones can be a huge distraction. Teen-agers and middle-school children seem to feel that if they are awake, they should be texting someone on their cell phones. New rules have to be applied in families. You must constantly remind your children that cellphone usage is not allowed at the dinner table and during family time.

      Cell phone usage is almost epidemic in our society. People seem unable to walk down the street or sit outside enjoying the sunshine without speaking or texting on their cell phones.

      Many people argue that talking on a cell phone while driving is not any more disruptive than carrying on a casual conversation with an occupant of the vehicle. According to the American Automobile Association, the driver may not be distracted by a lighthearted, casual conversation, but he may be paying less attention to his driving if the conversation is intense, such as during a business conversation or an argument with someone.



    • Cell phones can be a detriment, for instance, when you are enjoying a dinner out with friends you have not seen in a while. Your dinner partners construe the ringing of your cell phone and the fact that you answer it or text someone as rude.

      A cell phone that is constantly ringing or vibrating in your pocket is a huge distraction. You simply cannot call up every friend or family member and instruct him or her that for the next few hours, you will be busy and should not be called. The time needed to do this would be ridiculous. You never know when a phone call will be an urgent matter, or if it is just someone calling to tell you the latest gossip. This causes cell phone users to leave their phones on and available at all times.

      Sometimes you intend to keep the phone conversation brief, and before you know it, you have chatted for five or 10 minutes. Even this short amount of time will give the person you are with a bad feeling while he sits there twiddling his thumbs waiting for you to finish your call. Or it might make him think he should get up and leave the table or area because it might be a personal phone call. Either way, he feels neglected and abandoned.

3. Gay Marriage: Is it constitutional to laws against gay marriage?

I am a firm believer in the right gay marriage. I think that humans are humans and all should be treated equally no matter what race, gender, size, public affiliation, religion, or sexual affiliation they are. I think that it is demeaning to have laws against the right to gay marriage.  There should be no say in who decides who you are able and who are not able to marry.  Many people disagree with my point of view, however, I do not think that most of those people understand that even though our bible says that gay marriage is a sin, everyone is also supposed to be equal and be treated equal.  If gays are not legally allowed to be married in certain states, then they are not being treated equally.



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