Research Paper Topics

30 Oct

1. The Scandal, Aftermath, and Influence of the 1919 World Series

First of all, I would like to write this research paper on a historical event or person in sports.  I love sports and believe that I could write a very good paper on something pertaining to sports because that is what I am most passionate about.  The 1919 World Series was the only professional sporting championship that was known to be fixed.  This was a groundbreaking event due to the fact that baseball was by far the most popular sport in America during this time period.  The World Series was biggest sporting event in America during this time period, and that fact that it was fixed shook America and put the whole sport’s credibility in question.

2. Jesse Owens dominance at the 1936 Olympics

The 1936 Olympics took place only a couple years before the start of World War II.  It also occurred during the reign and dominance of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party.  Hitler planned to use the 1936 Olympics to portray the greatness and superiority of the Aryan race.  Much to the dismay of Hitler, the Olympics were dominated by an African American athlete named Jesse Owens.  The dominance of Owens was so groundbreaking because he beat all the German athletes, making Hitler and his Nazi party look “not so dominant”.  It also gave black people all over the world hope in a time of discrimination and inequality.

3.  The Evolution and Impact of Gatorade

I would love to write a research paper on Gatorade and the history of the company.  I actually am a huge fan of the University of Florida, the school where the drink was first made.  I also am very interested to see how a drink made at a University to help its athletes became one of if not the most popular drink in the world.  Gatorade seems to me to be a drink that came out of nowhere, so I want to know all the history of the company and its impact on sports, culture, and people world-wide.


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